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SMS gateway and reason to choose it

What is an SMS gateway? 

A website allows you to send and receive SMS through the gateway. By using this gateway, you can send messages to any number. This gateway also serves as an international for users with roaming capabilities. These SMS gates help to solve a common telecommunication problem. The SMS gateway acts as a relay and translates one protocol into another. To connect the SMS centres, the wireless network operators use SMS gateways. The SMS centre is a small portion of the wireless network that handles SMS operations like routing, forwarding and storing messages. It helps to send the messages by decrypting and encrypting the messages received by the recipient. Reasons to choose this SMS gateway 

1. Fast delivery – This SMS gateway quickly delivers the messages to your client. The receiver reads over 90% of the SMS messages within three minutes. 

2. Cost-effective – This platform effectively sends messages to clients. It provides free service for a maximum of 100 messages per day. Only premium members can only use the unlimited message facility. The price of this service is low compared to the mobile network. 

3. Reliability – this SMS service is the most reliable communication channel. This platform also supports two-way communications.

How did SMS gateways work? 

The SMS gateway connects with your mobile application or web to a server. This gateway connection will send SMS to the chosen recipients. A modern gateway will route your SMS to the most relevant mobile network and send the message fast and reliable. This will work faster if the receiver is in the same country. Connect the gateway with the mobile network using HTTP or SMPP interface. Some messages will take some time to get delivered because there may be some interference in the network gateway. Don’t worry about it; the message will reach the receiver safely. This gateway works fundamentally similarly to any other API connection you are already using. 

Advantages of SMS gateway

1. You can use this service directly on the website. There is no need to download the application or software.

2. This SMS can easily integrate

3. This SMS gateway maintains the privacy of the recipient and the sender. This will not allow seeing the profile picture of the users. This SMS gateway respects the client’s privacy while sending them essential information.  

4. You can send messages to too many people at one time. You have to create a group containing the receiver’s phone number.

5. The received messages will clear after particular days to save the user’s privacy. 

6. Without the user’s authorisation, no one can open an SMS account. 

7. It is a universal platform so that you can send a message from anywhere and anytime. 

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