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Smart Multi Band Jammer

Smart Multi Band Jammer

Jammer is the all-in-one solution for blocking GSM, 3G, 4G cellular networks, and all types of popular cellular standards like GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, VHF, UHF, etc. Our jammer has superior technology for maximum performance and to successfully cut off all cellular communication between smartphones and cellular cells.

Our very high-power multi-band jammer can block signals in six different frequencies at the same time or separately.



Devices that use the same frequency spectrum as a smartphone to cause substantial cell tower interference and disrupt call transmissions are known as Jammer in the mobile computing industry. Signal reception may be affected, although it is unlikely that a Jammer would be detected. While jamming devices may be used anywhere, they are most often seen in public places like libraries and restaurants, where mobile phone usage can be a distraction. A functional mobile phone must be connected to a cell tower or base station at all times in order to communicate with its network provider. Denial-of-service attacks (DoS) are launched by jammers by putting out radio waves in the cellular frequency range.

It is possible to disrupt signals within nine to 30 meters with handheld jammers, while more powerful jammers may disrupt signals up to a mile away. As long as they’re not being used to prevent bomb detonations or to keep hostages isolated in hostage situations, jammers are prohibited in many countries.

Jammer Key Features:

1. Intelligent shielding of the whole base stations: counting the number of mobile phones, using cellular base station distribution technology, optical fiber transmission, simple construction, convenient maintenance and more flexible upgrade 5G;

2. Illegal mobile phone detection: non-unit mobile phone monitoring and reporting;

3. Black and white list of mobile phone users: The leader of this unit has priority communication rights;

4. Interception of text messages sent by illegal mobile phones. Interception of called mobile phone Numbers from illegal mobile phones;

5. Illegal mobile phone location (military, prison).

Weight: 11.8Kgs



People Also Ask

GSM jammer

Incoming calls are blocked by GSM jammer at once. Although it seems to be difficult, this procedure is really rather straightforward. In the same frequency as a mobile phone’s signal, they emit a signal. In order to broadcast that signal, the GSM jammer uses a radio transmitter. If it succeeds, mobile phones will no longer be able to receive signals in a certain place. People use jammers for a variety of reasons. If you don’t want interruptions or distractions at work, you can consider turning off mobile phone signals for your staff.

Cell phone jammers may also block information from being sent out of a phone. A jammer might be used to prevent the leakage of confidential information. It has also been beneficial in preventing terrorist acts by suppressing transmissions.

It’s also popular to employ jammers since they display an “out of service” message instead of a “phone is off” message. It seems that the mobile phone owner is unavailable to the person on the other end of the phone. It’s possible to block phone calls using a variety of gadgets. Signals from mobile phones are routed to cell phone masts. The location of the mobile phone determines the cell tower that receives the signal.

By focusing on certain locations, cell towers are able to better distribute their burden. Mobile phones transmit their signals to various towers while they’re in your pocket or purse when you’re traveling. Radio frequencies are sent to the same tower, where the jamming device does its operation. When it mimics your mobile phone’s signal, it will overwhelm the cell phone’s reception.

CDMA jammer

Using a CDMA jammer, a mobile phone can’t communicate with its base station since the electrical gadget prevents the transmission of signals. The cell phone jammer interferes with caller-to-receiver communication by transmitting on the same frequency as a mobile device. It may effectively block signals from UMTS, 3G, CDMA, GSM, and PHS networks. Cellphones, GPS receivers and even radios may be disrupted by devices called jammers. Jamming of your phone’s or GPS signal is difficult to detect in most cases. However, the consequences of signal jamming may be clearly seen. Signal quality will degrade if a jammer is active nearby.

At the frequencies GPS receivers anticipate to receive from GPS satellites, CDMA jammers generate strong radio signals. GPS signals, which are significantly weaker, are largely drowned out by this method. There are many distinct purposes for which jammers are used. As previously stated, although jammers were originally employed primarily for military and military-related applications, nowadays, they are also routinely utilized by civilians. In places where mobile phone usage might be disturbing, such as prisons, libraries, and churches, jammers are used.

Cellphone Jammer

Using a Cellphone Jammer is a way to interfere with regular cell phone reception. To connect with cell towers and base stations, cellphones need certain frequency ranges. Interference is caused by Cellphone Jammer transmitting in the same frequency ranges. Using a phone is practically difficult due to a decrease in network strength and overall call quality. All forms of mobile signals may be jammed using cellphone jammers. 3G and 4G and GSM and CDMA frequencies are all susceptible to these signal-blocking devices. While short-range jammers may be as little as the palm of one’s hand, high-end devices tend to be larger due to their increased power and complexity.

In order to prevent the transmission of any location tracking service, GPS jammers are specialized signal jammers. There are a wide variety of jammers to choose from. These devices are so small they can even fit on the tip of a finger! However, since they only cover a narrow region, these jammers are unable to shield a whole vehicle from being tracked. Wireless routers, for example, are rendered inoperable when using an Internet jammer. These jammers also disrupt Bluetooth transmissions. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection may be efficiently disrupted by these signal jammers, which help keep hackers at bay. As a result, your data and privacy are better protected.




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