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Managed Access System C100

Managed Access System C100

Jammer is the all-in-one solution for blocking GSM, 3G, 4G cellular networks, and all types of popular cellular standards like GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, VHF, UHF, etc. Our jammer has superior technology for maximum performance and to successfully cut off all cellular communication between smartphones and cellular cells.

Our very high-power multi-band jammer can block signals in six different frequencies at the same time or separately.



Cellular Network Managed Access System

Model: PISCES-C100

The cellular network managed access system is used in Prisons to intercept smuggled contraband cell phones, preventing criminals from making or receiving calls while simultaneously permitting approved phones for authorized users. With Managed Access, all voice calls, SMS text messages, as well as email are controlled by the system operator.


If the emergency number is 911 or 0500 or any number according to the country of use, the CNMAS can accept that number in its programming. Countries that implement an emergency services number (such as 911, for example) will ‘pass through’ the CNMAS’s private Cell Phone network and be granted access to the locally assigned PSTN line, permitting a call for help to the local Emergency call center.



  1. Intelligent shielding of the whole base stations: counting the number of mobile phones, using cellular base station distribution technology, optical fiber transmission, simple construction, convenient maintenance and more flexible upgrade 5G.
  2. Illegal mobile phone detection: non-unit mobile phone monitoring and reporting.
  3. Black and white list of mobile phone users, the leader of this unit has priority communication rights.
  4. Interceptin of text messages sent by illegal mobile phones. Interception of called mobile phone Numbers from illegal mobile phones.
  5. Illegal mobile phone location (military, prison).


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