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SMS Interceptor

SMS Interceptor



It is possible to gather information from hundreds of phones in a particular area using a SMS interceptor, which can also intercept conversations and texts as well as carry out ‘denial of service’ assaults on the phones. As a result, a SMS interceptor system operates by exploiting flaws in the GSM encryption method used to protect cellular phones on a GSM cellular service network during real-time communication sessions. The growth of GSM technology, as well as the addition of new technical qualities and an increase in complexity, offer challenges.


As part of the package, you’ll have a competitive atmosphere in which to design and develop solutions for providing an integrated “Off the Air Communication Surveillance System” to a varied range of government and intelligence-gathering customers. The Semi-Active GSM Interception System is capable of working in any location in the world. This technique can be used to intercept messages from any GSM service provider in the world, regardless of the kind of encryption that is being used at the time of the intercept.



  1. Collect and capture target’s IMSI/IMEI from around peoples
  2. Intercept SMS and forward to control panel
  3. There is no operation needed for cell phones nearby, even no SMS received with those cell phones.
  4. Just power on the device and configure some settings. No network is needed; no carrier’s cooperation is needed.
  5. Portable equipment that can be placed in a backpack.
  6. Text message manipulation, in which the control officer modifies the incoming or outgoing text with a new message


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