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Computer Forensics Magicbox

Computer Forensics Magicbox


Forensic Magicbox is a portable and highlyintegrated
computer forensics equipment for field
or lab investigation. The newest edition of Magicbox
comes with improved performance such as a
higher disk duplication rate (up to 39GB/min) and
customizable forensics workflows including disk
duplication, analysis and OS emulation. The new
extendable FHD (1920×1080) touchscreen
display also improves user experience.

* Highly Integrated Computer Forensics Equipment
No need for extra devices such as write- blocker, duplicator and laptop.
Supports analysis of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems.
* Customizable Forensics Workflows
Supports a complete forensics process including disk duplication, data
analysis and system emulation. Investigators can create custom
workflows and change the order of steps as needed.
* User- Friendly“ Drag & Drop” Operation
Simply drag and drop the material to begin analysis and quickly obtain
a report.
* A variety of interfaces
Support connection with different storage devices by SATA,SAS,IDE
and USB ports.
* Improved Specifications
Comes with improved performance, such as a disk duplication max
speed of 3 9 GB/ min and GbE/ 1 0 GbE.
* Optimized User Experience
Portable with a smaller size and convenient to operate with a new 11 .
6 ” FHD touchscreen display that is extendable via HDMI port.


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