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GSM Monitoring System

GSM Monitoring System

The GSM Interceptor used to listen to voice calls, monitor text messages, and capture forensic data. All cellular conversations and SMS are recorded on the hard disk of the laptop, allowing evaluation of the intercepted data at any time.

Our GSM cellular interception solution is based on state-of-the-art technology, interceptor system uses Wideband Passive Interception (WPI) technology: WPI covers the whole GSM radio spectrum. It automatically decodes and analyzes the signals exchanged off-the-air on the GSM cells meaning it can handle many more cells and simultaneous communications than narrowband receivers.




GSM Monitoring System, Cellular Monitoring System

Model: PISCES-P4


The GSM Monitoring System is used for audio and data communication control. It monitors cellular phone traffic, and intercepts voice and data. Users of our GSM Monitoring System are limited to Law Enforcement and Government agencies.


The GSM Monitoring System conducts audio monitoring and data monitoring by extracting specified and non-specified information from a local cellular network. This extraction process is range-specific. As such, Law Enforcement can capture cellular communications and monitor a target under investigation in a local vicinity. Once the system locks onto the target, the operators can capture voice conversations, text messages, and conduct a variety of intelligence masking techniques.


Our tactical GSM Monitoring solution generates access to the data traffic of your targets’ phone, and silently intercepts the targets’ communications. Our high-tech GSM spy solution automatically gathers highly valuable intelligence, such as:


email messages;                                                            phone contact list;

documents (xls, txt, doc, docx, pdf);                        photo & video files;

stored passwords;                                                        web-browsing activity;

social media passwords and posts;                          geo-location data;

live chats history;                                                        target IMEI number;

dropbox password and contents;                            target MAC address.




* Works in fully passive mode or active mode

* Real-time performance

* 8 channel scan and monitoring, target priority management

* Exhaustive interception of signalization and SMS

* Multi-band interception support

* Gain target’s accurate location and control the situation(optional)

* Viewing of text messages (SMS) and USSD

* Intercept and monitoring voice call real time

* Match making between a subscriber number MSISDN and a system identifier IMSI/TMSI used by a network by active search of targets

* It can monitoring and record all phone operations, email,whatsapp,telegram,etc.

People Also Ask


GSM Interception System

A GSM Interception System tool for governments and law enforcement agencies worldwide was provided by GSM intercept, the first real-time GSM interception technology. More and more law enforcement agencies are using the GSM Intercept’s enhanced communication control and forensic tools to monitor their own communications. Law enforcement and government agencies may legally wiretap mobile phone calls thanks to the GSM Intercept.

Tracking and monitoring of suspected terrorists and criminals may be done using GSM Interception System. Using a range-driven framework, surveillance agents may monitor and track their targets whether they’re in the city or the countryside with this Cell Phone Tracking and location capability. A5.1 GSM Interception decodes the encryption standard used to safeguard GSM A5.1 communications. In order to aid governments and law enforcement agencies throughout the globe with their investigations, GSM interception may be performed on both 2G and 3G networks, depending on the requirements and choices the system is asked with. In the GSM Intercept’s transmitting units, these redirected calls are decrypted and recorded. The number of required receiving and recording channels is taken into account when determining the needs of a central PC setup.

GSM Spy Solution

GSM spy solution comes with the GSM sector for the spy agency. Whether voice or having SMS by using the GSMspy solution, it can be communicated by using the mobile phone that can be monitored. It will have the conversation or in SMS is sent or received by using the mobile phone. The information gets or has a copy with SMS. It can be used as a bug in the device. For spying utilizing the technology, the device needs to be unnoticed by users who allow for eavesdropping in the surrounding mobile phone.

The GSM spy solution can easily monitor the data sent or received is totally copied and then transmitted to any other number specified by the user. Any call monitoring will generate SM that will include all the necessary data. There are also many possibilities for the switch in the conversation not undiscovered. The special call allows for monitoring conversations held with the vicinity of the mobile phone. It connects for absolutely inconspicuous, and it will not go to discover by the user.


Cellular interceptor

Users may gain COMINT by Cellular interceptor. COMINT, an abbreviation for Communications Intelligence, assists authorities in the acquisition, analysis, and management of intercepted wireless communications, including speech and data. In addition, we provide approved government suppliers with the ability to conduct live demonstrations of our cellular interception technologies. It makes sense for governments to observe a live demonstration of bespoke monitoring systems or off-the-shelf monitoring systems before purchasing them or implementing them. Proof of concept by observation of a functioning presentation in the nation of intended usage is required to check performance, and our cellular monitoring systems are designed to operate in accordance with the specifications of our customers.

In recent years, the Cellular interceptor has emerged as one of the most innovative products developed by the cell phone business. The major goal of constructing this unit is to be able to intercept or record talks on mobile phones. The person who has this device has the ability to call and listen to the noises and conversations in his or her immediate environment, which is effective even if the target is not using his or her own phone. A rising number of people in positions of power are looking for mobile phone interceptors that can assist them in capturing targets since they are so technologically advanced and useful in this day and age.

GSM Active Interceptor

It is possible to gather information from hundreds of phones in a particular area using a GSM active interceptor, which can also intercept conversations and texts as well as carry out ‘denial of service’ assaults on the phones. As a result, a GSM active interceptor system operates by exploiting flaws in the GSM encryption method used to protect cellular phones on a GSM cellular service network during real-time communication sessions.

A competitive environment for Starting to fabricate and construct solutions to provide a complete ‘Off-The-Air Communication Surveillance System’ for a diverse range of government and intelligence gathering clients has been created by the evolution of GSM technology, which has included enhanced technological attributes and increased complexity. The Semi-Active GSM Interception System is capable of working in any location in the world. This technique can be used to intercept messages from any GSM service provider in the world, regardless of the kind of encryption that is being used at the time of the intercept.

GSM Passive Interceptor

In this system, the GSM passive interceptor channels are adjustable and may be monitored on several channels. Each receiver is capable of connecting to any BTS in the GSM network on its own. In a fixed or mobile context, a GSM Monitoring system is meant to guarantee the interception and decoding of voice conversations sent through GSM standards (850/900/1800/1900MHz Cellular networks) in order to prevent fraud. The Passive GSM Interception System additionally intercepts information from the cellular network about registration and service channel information.

The GSM passive interceptor System is capable of doing a variety of activities while conducting monitoring and is thus quite versatile. Messages and protocol information captured by the GSM Monitoring System are compressed and stored on the hard disk of the control PC’s control PC.

It is also referred to as an off-air Monitoring System. It offers user-friendly interfaces that enable the user to adapt the system to perform a variety of activities and to give control over the system while it is in operation.

This online deciphering service for the Passive GSM Interception System decodes the A5.0 and A5.2 ciphering algorithms used in the GSM network to encrypt the user’s communication. The system operates as passive equipment, capturing data straight from the air in order to avoid discovery of the system’s operation and interference with the functioning of the cellular network.

GSM Monitoring System

Using the GSM Monitoring System, you may control both the audio and data communications. It keeps track of cellular phone traffic and intercepts both voice and data transmissions. Users of our GSM Monitoring System are restricted to members of the law enforcement and government agency communities only. Contact Us if you are a government end customer or if you are interested in reselling our GSM Monitoring System. While certain intercept monitoring systems are equipped with a real-time A5.1 decryption capability, this is not the case for all of these devices. As a result, it is important to highlight a few characteristics of our GSM Monitoring System.

By collecting defined and non-specified information from a local cellular network, the GSM Monitoring System is able to perform audio monitoring and data monitoring. This extraction procedure is limited to a specified range. Therefore, law enforcement may intercept cellphone conversations and monitor a target under investigation, which is in the immediate proximity of the crime scene. Once the device has locked on to the target, the operators may record voice chats text messages and use a number of intelligence masking methods to gather information about the target.


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