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Wlan Interceptor

Wlan Interceptor

Our end-to-end WLAN interceptor is built to carry out the whole interception process, from initial access to final analysis. Our tactical design of the Wlan interceptor supports covert operations in crowded areas. The Spy Solution’s interceptor system is tightly integrated and is comprised of customized hardware with superior operational range (between 150 to 200 meters) and its small size making it a perfect solution for covert intelligence collection operations.



Active and passive interception of Internet traffic sent across WLAN networks is possible using WLAN interceptor systems. Systems for intercepting wireless network traffic may also be used to install an infection system. The End-User Certificate specifies the specifications of the intercept systems that are provided. The system can capture and decrypt data using WEP, WPA, and WPA2-PSK keys, giving it the ability to listen in on web page browsing, email transmissions with attachments, file uploads, and downloads, IP addresses, instant messaging, and VOIP conversations.

The WLAN interceptor technique requires that your monitor be close to the spot you wish to tap, whereas network routing necessitates that the data be encapsulated in some way before being sent over the network. There is no cable monitor port on the interceptor, so the listener may be wherever they can get a wireless connection and still hear what is going on. Data is encrypted (really, twice encrypted, read how it works), so the person installing the tap should not be concerned about the traffic being seen by unauthorized individuals.

Specification of WLAN Interceptor:

* Frequency: 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz
* RF Power: 2W
* Antenna: Powerful directional antenna
* Catch range: 500 meters

Features of Wi-Fi Interceptor:

* Scan nearby hotspot’s SSID, MAC address
* Fake any hotspot with the specific SSID,MAC address
* Block any specific hotspot with the same SSID, MAC address

Optional Features:

* Just scan and block a specific hotspot
* With intercept internet data


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