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Our IMSI catcher comes up with new technologies for tactical systems in the services of surveillance agencies. Our highly compact & mini device which fits neatly into every pocket allows conducting close-up operations covertly while being located in the immediate vicinity of targets.

Our small-size IMSI Catcher may also be used as a portable cellular locator (PCL) for tactical geo-location trapping and identity extraction. The device is fully supported for all GSM, UMTS, 4G/LTE & 5G bands and has a battery backup of 6+ hours.




Model: PISCES-I5


IMSI catcher is an intrusive piece of technology that can be used to locate and track all mobile phones that are switched on in a certain area.

IMSI catcher does this by ‘pretending’ to be a mobile phone tower – tricking your phone into connecting to the IMSI-catcher, and then revealing your personal details without your knowledge.

IMSI catchers are indiscriminate surveillance tools that could be used to track who attends a political demonstration or a public event like a football match. They can even be used to monitor your calls and edit your messages – and you wouldn’t even know it was happening.

This product can collect mobile phone electronic identification codes (IMSI, IMEI, MAC, mobile phone number), when the user enters the coverage area of the device, the identification code of the mobile phone is automatically collected, and the collected data provides a kind of big data analysis for the public security department.



  1. Automatically

Collect cell phone nearby automatically, push cell phone nearby send SMS automatically,

even push cell phone nearby answer SMS automatically

  1. Fast collection

Collect 100+ phone number / minute, coverage 30meters-1km

  1. Unsensible

There is no operation needed for cell phones nearby, even no SMS question received for those cell phones.

  1. Easy To Use

Just power on the device and configure some settings. No network needed; no carrier’s cooperation needed.

  1. Non-perceptual collection

Get the mobile phone in real time without affecting the mobile phone

  1. Attribution identification

Real-time identification of the attribution information of the mobile phone identification code collected



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