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SMS Broadcaster is a Portable Messaging Device designed for Government,Military and marketing business . It is powered by a complex software algorithm and next generation RF computer hardware. It is mainly designed for Disaster, Calamity, Emergency and for General Alert Messaging. It is also an effective solution for Location Based Advertisingand Targeted Marketing Campaign for private venues and events.

This unit has the ability to digitally acquire the identity of the surrounding mobile phone devices within its radius and can directly transmit sms alert or advertising messages by passing your regular network provider. control or release the surrounding mobile phone devices and monitor receive sms from mobile phone.The unit is standalone and do not require cooperation with any cellular operators.

Use the machine means you do not have to struggle in maximizing your advertising,expenditure trying to reach the right target group. you can now detenmine where your target market is and send your message there.

When you use the sms broadcaster,you save more and maximize every advertising dollarspent, because you no need buy clients cellphone number data,you can send unlimited sms with “0” cost in everywhere.

SMS broadcaster used BTS project,it supports 3G,4G, and long text message,also no need jammer.

It is depend on the cellphone ,if the receiver cellphone is smart phone,you can send more than 1000 bytes with one message, receiver just get 1 message. also you can define the sender ID either a brand , a number or both.

The text message originate directly from the unit,therefore u can send unlimited sms without cost.

SMS Broadcaster can effectively penetrate up to 95% of all mobile devices,regardless of the brand,model,network operator and band .

SMS broadcaster has multiple signaling that penetrates GSM,UMTS,3G and LTE enabled devices.

The unit does not require sim card and internet connection and also does not utilize your provider’s cellular network