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Handheld GSM Location Finder GLF300

Handheld GSM Location Finder GLF300


In order to meet the needs of the technical investigation work of the public security departments and security departments, it is necessary to obtain accurate location information of mobile phone users in the designated area. Global GSM location finder is a LTE mobile phone positioning product, which combines advanced technologies in the field of wireless communication, is a set of police equipment tailored to locate criminal suspects for the investigators from security departments.

The Global GSM location finder mainly uses wireless communication means to accurately locate the target mobile phone without affecting the user’s normal communication, especially in densely populated cities and high-rise buildings, the role of this product is particularly prominent, and it is easy to carry and easy to operate. It combines with the related LTE wireless communication protocol, after obtaining the approximate location area of the target mobile phone, turns on the device to scan the nearby public network base stations to obtain system parameters, and then configures its working environment according to the system parameters, and then enters the IMSI of the target phone into the target list through the APP.

It will actively send out signals, and lures nearby mobile phones to update the location to the IMSI Catcher. After searching for the IMSI of a single or multiple target mobile phones, the IMSI Catcher checks the user’s signal strength by monitoring the uplink and downlink signals. Measures the strength of the wireless signal emitted by the target mobile phone, approaches the target phone according to the signal strength, and uses safe signaling to make the target mobile phone imperceptibly lure the target mobile phone to the IMSI Catcher; finally uses the Individual Decoder to obtain the signal strength of the target mobile phone and accurately locks the actual location of the target mobile phone.


1. Support full system for all countries
2. Support IMSI address catching;
3. Support accurate cellular locator(ACL):face to face
4. Support intelligent analysis
5. Capable to operate with any cellular phone providers even in case of no network coverage.
6. Operating distance from 0,1 to 0,5 km in rural area and open area correspondently
7. 0,5 m accuracy when finding position of cellular phones
8. Visual/audio alarm modes
9. Small, lightweight and portable
10. Directional antennas and body antennas makes the operation easy and efficient
11. Only works if the target cellular phone is turned on
12. Android mobile system can control the unit


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