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How does the GSM modem pool work?

GSM modem is an external hard drive that helps you to send messages in bulk. For business promotion and other promotional tasks, this is an easy and convenient way. Through this, you can reach many people in a single go. Pool messages can target a lot of people, and for this, you do not need a lot of things. You can send messages to recipients’ phones from a computer.

In this article, we will take a close view of the ways of using GSM modems. It is very easy and does not need a lot of technical knowledge to handle the modem set-up.

  • Firstly, you have to arrange all the necessary ingredients for the task. You need to find yourself a sim card, a modem, an antenna, and a USB cable.
  • Now, you need to insert the sim card inside the modem. It creates a path between the network and the modem. The process is similar to inserting a sim card into a mobile phone.
  • Now, you have to connect the antenna to the modem. The process is very easy, but you have to check it carefully and do it correctly.
  • You have to take a USB cable in good condition and insert one side of it into the modem. Insert the other end on the computer, and it will connect the modem with the computer easily.
  • Your modem must have a power LED. Please check the LED and see whether it gets continuous and has enough power to work properly.
  • Now you have to click on the SMS gateway application you are going to use for the task. Click on it and follow the instructions mentioned there.
  • You must have login information available to you through which you can log in to the SMS gateway application. Login to your account ASAP.
  • You have to add a new connection to the SMS gateway. You can find easy instructions available on the SMS gateway panel.
  • Now, you have to find out the SMS modem connection from the given options. You have to install the modem on your computer. The whole procedure is very easy. You will get easy and user-friendly instructions available right there in the application. Follow the instructions and finish the installation quickly and effectively.
  • Find the auto-detect option available on the computer screen. You have connected the modem to a port, and you have to select the auto-detect feature just to ensure that the modem gets detected every time you insert it into your system.
  • Now, you have to add the recipients’ addresses to send messages in bulk.
  • Your system is ready to send the messages. You have to choose a template, create a message, and send this to the desired recipients.


Follow these easy steps, and you can understand how this GSM modem pool works.

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