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What is a Cellphone Tapping Device? How Does It Work?

Telephone tapping is the method of monitoring telephone and mobile by a third party. When someone taps someone else’s phone or mobile, it requires a certain eligible Cellphone Tapping Device. This device gets hold of the connection as a third-party app and records all the required data. The word tap means getting hold of someone and hence the name phone or cellphone tapping.

It is also known as wiretapping, which means the same as someone eavesdropping on someone’s phone call either through telephone or android phones. Legal wiretapping by any government agency is called lawful interception, as it has court orders. While recording someone for ulterior motives is thoroughly illegal, but at times it saves lives as well. Like everything has its pros it has cons as well.


How does the Cellphone Tapping Device work?

The Cellphone Tapping Device works well when connected to a mobile or telephone with any other devices. It actually records all conversations of someone whose conversation one wants to listen to. These taps produce hundreds of hours of recordings vehemently. There is a Passive cell phone tapping which monitors or records the traffic, while active cell phone tapping alters it.

The working of the Cellphone Tapping Device is very simple. Once the call is detected, the device hooks on to the number and continues to track and record calls made or received. To recognize who the voice belongs to sometimes, a voice sample from a TV recording is used to identify the cell phone if the cause of tapping is a public figure. While for a private individual, the voice can be tallied with older phone recordings or voice notes or audio/videos.

Most common tapings are connected physically to the line, while some use an  induction. Most tapping devices use the line voltage. They are always in standby mode up to the moment the phone is started to use. There are phone lines which are difficult for tapping, as in the case of multi-line phones, PBX and cable-modem phones. They require special equipment which is very costly.


Is Cellphone Tapping Devices and activities legal?

Of Course not, it is thoroughly illegal to tap anyone’s phone without one’s permission. It is a punishable act and can put a person into a few years of imprisonment and a big fine to compensate. However, big companies especially the Government ones, and any private or government investigative team do indulge in Cellphone Tapping Device ‘s and catch conversations which can help find a clue. These are not punishable acts as it is approved by the court of law. While anything other than this remains a crime.


Few facts about Cellphone Tapping Devices:

  • People generally prefer wireless devices to tap on the phones to avoid bugs and viruses.
  • Legal cell phone tapping is undetectable as it is. Court’s permission and generally uses the central exchanges.
  • It is easier to tap mobile phones than wired phones as there are many spy apps.



There are numerous illegal apps and Cellphone Tapping Device available online as well as in the markets. This will help one in eavesdropping on any conversations no matter how illegal it is. Someone who actually needs to investigate and fight a legal case can take this device into confidence. The device might turn fruitful in getting the case solved.

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