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Tactical Wi-Fi Interceptor

Wi-Fi interceptor

Law enforcement and government entities needing security clearance may use the Wi-Fi interceptor System to intercept and monitor internet data to identify and locate suspects. Our R&D team’s exclusive system utilises cutting-edge technology and is thus very effective, efficient, and dependable. For law enforcement and security personnel, a Wi-Fi interceptor system intended to gather all 802.11x channel Wi-Fi packets invisibly, chat conversations, and IP telephone calls have been developed. One external antenna connection, 15 wireless cards, a GPS, and support for host-swappable disks are included in the Wi-Fi intercept system. HDD concurrently stores data from all 14 channels. Using optional Encryption Buster, SW decapsulates communications for further analysis with WFA or any other decoder that understands PCAP files. SW.

In order to monitor all fourteen (14) 802.11x channels concurrently, the Wi-Fi Interception System has 15 radio components (or cards). At the same time, it does not apply any capture filter to collect any true evidence. If you are interested in just capturing traffic from certain Wi-Fi access points or clients, you may apply a MAC address filter during the capture phase (BSSID or station address).

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