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Definition of SMS gateway and its types and importance

SMS gateway is the easiest way of sending messages to a mobile phone or similar device from a computer or similar device in the form of an email or HTTP request. When you rely on mobile marketing, this is an amazing way out for you. Reaching a lot of people becomes easier when you use this type of mobile marketing technique. Here are the benefits and types of SMS gateways.


There are generally four three types of SMS gateways available in the world right now.

  • SMS2Email: In this type of service, you can send messages through emails. If you have a small business, it is the easiest way of reaching your loyal customers. All the news related to the business will come straight to the email. This type of marketing is cheaper, easier, and more convenient.
  • Web2SMS: When you have to reach a lot of people in the same go, this is the only way out. If your business needs serious concentration and you have to send messages in bulk to different people. Lots of companies are there that work in the field. They can take care of the Web2SMSmarketing for your company and keep sending messages in bulk.
  • SMS2Skype: This is the type of marketing where you can send an SMS to skype and take help from individual gateways. If you have your client’s Skype number, this is the best way of reaching him.


The main reason for sending SMS for mobile marketing is that this is the cheapest option, and it reaches the other end easily, conveniently, and positively. The receiver receives the messages without any effort, making it a perfect choice for the marketers.

  • Automation: The whole process is curated and done automatically. When you limit human involvement in any task, the chance of error comes down to almost zero. So, the whole process of sending and receiving messages will be automatic. The repetitive manual tasks will become much easier.
  • Flexible: This technique is smooth and without much effort. You just have to understand the basic offerings of your service provider. Every service provider offers some extra features and components. You just have to have a clear knowledge of that.
  • Tracking: In the case of transactional messages, you need to understand the status of the message, whether it’s delivered or not. If not delivered, you need to know the reason, and you can send exact messages depending on the query of the customer.
  • Clarity: With SMS gateways, there can be two results only; either it’s a Yes or a No. The message will reach the client’s end, or it will never go. This clarity from the customer end helps you to understand who your customer is for the long run!


No matter which protocol you use, like SOAP, XML, HTTP, or SMTP, these SMS gateways can be connected easily via any of them.

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