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A Complete Guide of SMS Gateway

SMS gateway is also known as MMS gateway. It allows the computer or server to send or receive text messages in the form of SMS or MMS. These transmissions are between the local or international telecommunications networks. Mobile phones are wireless, so these SMS and MMS are routed through a wireless carrier. SMS gateways are commonly used as a process that holds person-to-person to device-to-person communications. Many kinds of SMS gateways support the content and media conversions from email, push, voice, and other formats. 


How does the SMS Gateway work?


There are several applications through which the SMS gateways work. For example, Bulk/mass SMS messaging is the kind of communication commonly used by customer care companies to put forth marketing campaigns. Similarly, Two-way SMS messaging is designed for the exchange of messages from clients to customer portals. There are processes to enable the development of an SMS widget for newsletters and updates. While the API allows the systems to integrate with 3rd party systems like 

CRM, e-commerce, ERP, internal platforms, etc. And for the multi-factor authentication, which is popularly known as the two-factor authentication, uses SMS as a channel for delivering the one-time-passwords, i.e. OTPs. 



The pros of having SMS Gateway:


There are more pros than cons if using an SMS gateway. There are certain concerns, but it has several things that make it a promising platform. SMS gateway is a thing of today’s time, making daily life and business life easy and convenient. 


●    Speed- The speed is quite efficient in delivering messages to the 

clients. But the user should be prompt and time-specific to get the results faster. A message written to be sent to thousands can be done in a spur of the time by SMS software. 

●    Cost-effective- With an online SMS platform, the clients can send SMS messages for just a few bucks. The rates are quite lower than standard SMS prices offered by the various providers. One can get a return on investment if the communication is 

through an SMS gateway.

●    Reliability- SMS through SMS gateway creates a healthy relationship between the clients and the customers. It is a direct way to communicate with stakeholders as well. The promotion through text messages is higher than the emails. 

●    Universal platform- It is so popularly used, one of the main reasons being its utility for mobile phone users. SMS gateway serves a great deal in countries where social networking apps are banned; hence people very conveniently use this pathway. 

●    Integration- The SMS software is eventually integrated into these programs through API integration. This allows businesses to seamlessly introduce SMS into the already existing CRM tools and infrastructure. So now one can send messages from the Software easily. 




SMS Gateway actually eases a lot in terms of preparation of business strategies. It helps one reach the settled goals. Business organizations make the most of their communication channels through this mode. And an SMS gateway is the ideal way to do this as it has high accessibility at a low cost, which kind of connects the employees and customers.

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