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Working process of WiFi Interceptor

WiFi interceptor system comes with a tactical solution for getting the valuable data intelligence from secure and the unsecured WiFi network by using the 2.4g and 5.8Ghz frequency band, respectively. The WiFi Interceptor communications system comes with a target network with proprietary technology. The  WLAN Interceptor has the necessary hardware and software to intercept the HTTPS and HTTP traffic easily. The WiFi interception system comes with an end-to-end solution for efficiently carrying out the whole interception process in the initial access for the final analysis. It comes with several modules, and each thing deals with the different aspects for completion of the interception process and a lot of necessary features present in it. It comes with algorithms and methodologies;

Wi-Fi interceptor

The seamless experience is integrated with the HTTPS/SSL interception module that supports monitoring traffic from HTTPS/SSL. Thus, it enables running Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc. The interception comes with performance that uses the HTTPS/SSL interception module that works like MITM mode. It provides the interception for E-Mail. Moreover, browsed webpages, chats and VoIP sessions along with the session related to the information that comes with WiFi networks. The total system is capable of recording with the intercepted and then decoding the IP traffic from targeted WiFi networks for offline analysis.

WiFi Interceptor Networks security

Most network comes with having secured WPA security for protecting data. To break WPA, the programmer needs to have all the basic knowledge and excel in it. The WiFi interception system is a complete hardware decryptor capable of breaking the WPA/WPA2-PSK secured WiFI network. It will be challenging to crack the WPA for the newbies in this field.


 WLAN Interceptor Features 

  • The WiFi interception system comes with completely highly secured and unsecured internet networks.
  • The integrated process of HTTPS/SSL interception comes with a module that leads to a safe network.
  • In the interception of e-mails, browsed webpages, chats and VoIP sessions come with all the information regarding target WiFi networks and how to crack them.
  • The Interception of Gmail, Yahoo Mail and many more sites are easily broken with the WiFi interception.
  • The device can provide the targeted webmail, personal mail, yahoo mail, Facebook, Twitter account, and password.
  • It will work perfectly in 2.4g and 5 GHz frequency bands easily without an interception.


The system can work either in the passive or active mode for monitoring the data. In the monitoring mode, the whole operator can easily see ALL network users working, connected or disconnected within one system coverage. The operator can easily cover the database of MAC addresses signal levels and get all access points for users.



The WiFi interception was developed explicitly for intercepting and monitoring online data and then identifying the record, and after all this, it locates the suspects for law enforcement agencies. All the government departments need it for security clearance. It is embedded with having the latest technology and the proprietary system developed with the R&D department, i.e. powerful, effective, and reliable services.

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