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What is the limit of SMS broadcasts?

Broadcast SMSs are increasingly popular among businesses as a means of SMS marketing. Unlike email marketing, SMSs have about 98% more chances of being opened by potential customers. Because of easy access, quicker navigation, and convenience, SMSs are more click-through and open rates than other digital marketing means. Choosing the right broadcast SMS service provider like thespysolution adds value to your business.

An SMS broadcast message limit means the number of unique users you or your company can send messages to daily. These SMS limits cover the new conversations and the existing conversations with a recipient as well. The limit of SMS broadcast does not limit the number of SMSs you can send but the number of recipients you are willing to send your messages to. The limit does not include the messages sent as a reply to other messages initiated by a user within 24 hours.

Benefits of SMS Broadcast

Broadcast, bulk, or mass messaging holds great value in digital marketing. This is used primarily to convey business-related messages, new offers and deals, and promotions to a group of people at a time. Here are some of its benefits-

  1. Hassle-free Communication:If you are a business and you want to reach out to your huge customer base, Broadcast SMSs are the best. Using this digital power, you don’t have to type the same message for each individual, which saves you time and effort.
  2. Cost-efficiency:Many SMS services charge you less for bulk messages than individual messages. So, it saves you money. Always choose a broadcast SMS service like thespysolution for complete transparency over the pricing.
  3. More Visibility:When you target many people through SMSs, you reach many people at a time. So, there are higher chances of the visibility of your message.
  4. Targeting the Right People:When you set up an SMS broadcast, you list the people who would either be interested in your business or benefit from you. So, there are more chances of a targeted approach than sending individual messages.

Limit of SMS Broadcast

Character Limit:

The SMS Broadcast system allows a size of 160 characters at max. If a business wishes to send a message over 160 characters, it will be split into two or more SMSs.

If you use any Unicode characters and send the message through a Unicode-supported service, content that does not exceed 70 characters is counted as one SMS. ‘Character’ refers to a single letter, symbol, punctuation, or in the SMS. The use of the spacebar also generates a new character. Some special characters can also include more than one character charging you accordingly.

When the number of recipients is more than one, each is counted separately.

Opt-in Prerequisites:

Many countries, like the United States, imposes a prerequisite on sending Broadcast SMSs. To send Broadcast SMSs for commercial purposes, you must take the recipients’ consent before sending them messages.

Carrier Limits:

Some mobile carriers may limit the number of messages sent in a certain timeframe or the number of recipients per message. These limits can vary depending on the carrier and may affect the effectiveness of your SMS broadcast.


Broadcast SMSs are extremely handy for businesses in marketing their product. For maximum functionality, you must choose your Broadcast SMS service provider wisely. Companies like thespysolution offer fast SMS broadcasting services hassle-free and cheaply.


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