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What are SMS Robots, and How Do They Work?

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to conversational marketing through short message (SMS) services. It can sometimes be difficult to respond to every message. They need a way to scale and automate their responses. This is where message SMS robots come into play. Like Facebook Messenger, with its Chatbots for auto-reply, SMS (or messaging) has text bots to respond to these types of messages. In this SMS robots guide, you will know about What are SMS Robots and How Do They Work?

What is meant by SMS robots?

The SMS robots are automated and conversational software tools. It will help brands engage with their customers by sending automated messages and responses based on keywords and triggers in responses.

How do SMS robots are works?

SMS robots work for you 24/7 and depend on how they are set up. It can answer questions even if you are not nearby to do it yourself. This type of bot uses a combination of smart automation, Natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning applications to define the text in a normal way. Respond as if it were a real human response. It will redirect the question to a human operator or distract with a different response. It all depends on the programming. Regardless of how the bot is set up, it will collect information from the conversation for future reference

Benefits of SMS robots:


One great thing about SMS robots is that it gives your employees the freedom to do more complex tasks. The bot will be able to handle daily consumer requests and message your customers without involving your customer service representatives.

Online 24/7:

Unlike human workers, SMS robots work 24/7. If you run a small business and find yourself getting messages at 3 am, SMS bots can help cover your busy hours to keep your business going.

Give a human touch when needed:

You can program your text bots to generate responses in natural spoken language. To make your customers feel as if they are interacting with a real human being.

Send a personal campaign:

Interacting with new customers can be difficult, especially when your goal is to earn trust and build relationships. Fortunately, SMS robots can help you achieve this by collecting information specific to your audience. The bots are used to include personal touches, such as providing details about special offers or products by region and purchase history and improving customer engagement.

High open and click-through rates:

Open and click-through rates are important indicators of how successful your company is in driving consumers through the buyer journey. SMS robots messages are known to have a 98% open rate and a 45% click-through rate.

Hope you can understand What are SMS Robots and How Do They Work? from the above discussion.

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